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Marketing these days is very complicated with old traditional ways coupled with new ways that technology has produced. Just running a business is tough enough in this economy, but couple that with running your own marketing, and now it’s like you are running two different sets of businesses! So, a question creeps up: are you an expert in both running your primary business and your secondary business marketing? I’d say most business owners aren’t. This is where we step in, a team of experts to bring your business more leads, whether you’re in retail, restaurant, medical office, service industry or an online entrepreneur! If you have something to sell, service or retail most likely we can help!

Most business owners or operators know that digital marketing is important. But, there is so much information out there about different marketing tangents that sometimes even we experts find ourselves pulling on our hair! Anyway, the good news is that we find that for most businesses, Facebook is still by far one of the most important digital marketing platforms to bring in new leads. I’m talking about FB ads, not Facebook posts. Facebook posts for the majority of businesses are just for maintenance purposes. That is still important. But, FB ads bring in steady new leads. And, running FB ads is what we do… well, one of the things we do to help your business. We have a proprietary system that catches the viewers’ attention and nurtures them to fill out a contact form, call you, or come to your place of business if you’re in retail. We’ll help you capture leads to potentially increase your sales!

Our Services

Our Package of Services

Add Instagram Ad

To Any Package For $100/Month.

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$400/Month: Content Setup, Static Image Ad, Carousel Images Ad, And Email Notification.

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FB LEADS + Automation

$500/Month: Content Setup, Static Image Ad, Carousel Images Ad, Email Notification, Text & Email Auto-Responder Integration.

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Landing Page

Fully Functional Landing Page With Bells And Whistles!

Additional Pages

Starts At $100/Page.

Landing Page Display’s One Product Or Service For Targeted Lead Generation. It Does Not Replace A Full Website. Link To A Targeted Landing Page Produces Better Results Than A Link to A Full Website.

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Full Website Development


Full Website With
Bells And Whistles!
Home Page, About Us, And Contact Us Page Starts At $300.

Additional Pages
Starts At $100/page.

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Add Video Ad

To Any Package For $90/mo. Video Ad Normally Enhances Conversion.


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What's Involved

Below, I’m outlining the brief stages of our marketing system. We can guide you if you want to create your own image or video ads, or we can take over and do any of the stages on our own, so don’t worry!

— You’ll need a Facebook account with a FB business account and an Instagram account.

— You’ll invite us to your business FB account and give us access to Instagram, giving us permission to do what we need to do.

— You’ll need to provide us with a caption, a script, and your offer of enticement.

— For the creative (the image portion of the ad), you’ll need to provide us with images, a unique tagline, or for video ads, your video. FYI: Video ads may sometimes produce better lead results.

— You’ll have to provide us with information about your target audience and who you want to reach, like gender, age group, interests and lifestyle of your current patrons, distance from your location or search area, your industry trends, and research on your industry. Again, these and all the above listed may be overwhelming, and if so, then we can do most of it on our own. But, only you can provide profile stats about your current clients.

— Your contact information for the clients.

— Your ad budget, which goes directly to Facebook from your Facebook page. Ad payments do not come to us.


Now that the ad is ready, we’ll need to set up what happens if a lead is interested in contacting you. They can either call during business hours (if after hours, make sure you have your voicemail setup with a friendly voice), or they can fill out a contact form. Most people will have a tendency to fill out a contact form, but again, it depends on your business type. When they fill out the FB contact form, we’ll use an outside app that connects with Facebook to route the leads’ information like name, phone, and email to your business email. That way, you’ll know and be able to respond back ASAP.

Our Unique Proprietary System

I’ve noticed that many times a quick response back on the business’s side doesn’t happen, thus losing a valuable lead. So we have come up with a backup plan just in case. In order for this plan to work, you’ll need:

— An email service provider, such as Mailchimp, with a contact section and an automation page set up. The automation page needs to be designed well.

— Text messaging services such as ClickSend, a contact section and an automation section with wording must be created.

When a lead fills out the FB form, we’ll use an outside app that connects to Facebook, which will trigger two auto responses: email and text, which will say something along the lines of “Thank you for contacting us.” We’ll respond back ASAP during our normal business hours, etc. This way, you’ll have a better chance of keeping the potential client interested longer, giving you more time to respond back. Also, it’ll be more like a warm lead than a cold lead, which will produce a better conversion rate when you contact them back. Whew, lots of info here!


Our Ongoing Service

Just one more step or two! We’ll constantly monitor the campaign(s) for a better cost ratio in order to pay Facebook less, as well as for better lead and conversion rates in order to bring you more sales!Also, we’ll create a nice email and send it out to those who did not convert, keeping them interested in your business for potential future sales.

One last thing, having potential leads go to a landing page instead of filling out a FB form can sometimes significantly reduce FB Ad costs. But, sometimes it’s slightly harder to get potential leads to fill out contact forms from a landing page, so it’s not for every business, but for most, it’s a good idea to have a specific landing page.


Let Us Do The Hard Work

One final thought: if your computer needed fixing, like the hard drive or the mother board, would you fix it yourself? I would gesture that very few could, and probably not in a good way. If your car needed transmission replacement, would you, or rather, could you fix it yourself? Probably not. Not in a good way, anyway. We’re digital marketing experts in Social Media Ads, Google Ads, Landing Page building, Automation setup. Oh yes, we build great Websites too. It’s what we do. We’re interested in helping you make your business succeed and grow. We’ll do the best we can. We’ll do the hard work of digital marketing in a good way, so you don’t have to. Give us a try and make your life a little easier and stress-free!

Thank you!


We are a group of experts in creating beautiful designs and creative copywriting for all kinds of digital ads for just about any industry, to boost sales! With our engaging content paired with paid media strategies, your brand will be potentially set to grow exponentially!

Expert Skill Sets:
 marketing setupTarget audience search, Logo creation, Graphic design, Illustration, Image editing, Video editing, Website design, Landing page, Ad creative, Carousel ad, Image ad copy, App Integration.



"They are very competent with the Facebook Ads platform, and a pleasure to communicate with, and I hope to work with them again!

Ronald Richards

"They were very communicative and double-checked doing the multi-step process 100% correct before proceeded. They delivered adequate results given the restraints of the assignment..

Floyd Miles

"Went above and beyond and did more than expected. Has good ideas and knows the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising.

Savannah Nguyen

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